Startling  price condition of Raw leathers  is totally  unacceptable


Farzana Sharmin: The leather industry is really a prosperous industry in Bangladesh .This industry has been keeping a great role for economic development of Bangladesh for many years. Bangladesh Tannery industries produces both curst and finished leathers. Bangladesh exports a huge number of raw leather and leather goods every year and earn foreign currency .Because Bangladeshi leathers and leather goods are greatly expectable  standard thinks both local and international customers. According the statistical Export data 2017-2018 Bangladesh had earned 1.2 billion US Dollar foreign currency in 2017-2018. Bangladesh Government hope Bangladesh could be earning 5 billion US Dollar foreign currency through expanding export of leather and leather goods within 2022. Raw leather and leather goods are the second largest sector in Bangladesh export oriented sector. This sector has been keeping a great contribution on Bangladesh gross domestic product (GDP) which was estimated 0.35% GDP in total output of gross domestic product during 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Many Bangladeshi jobless people have been getting a chance for remove unemployment and poverty working in leather sector .According the economical statistical data employment rose 0.16% to 0.22 %from 2013 year to 2016 year. So the startling condition of the price of raw leather is totally unacceptable. If Bangladesh neglect about the matter of future development in this sector total economy of Bangladesh would be going startling condition in future.

On the other hand, Strong, prosperous agro industry and leather industry, both are complementary industrial sector in any economy. Without prosperous  cattle industry, leather industry never achieves financial success. Strong, prosperous  cattle industry expedites development in leather industry. Because we get and collect leather from death animals skins. In Bangladesh every year poor non solvent raw leathers traders collect raw leathers knocking door to door after Eid UL azha festival .After collecting raw leathers they sell those raw leathers to whole sale leathers businessmen.

Whole sale leather business men again sell leathers, different tanneries members who have export those raw leathers or leather goods after processing through machines. In this circumstance marginal leather collector and small leather businessmen keep also great role in expediting the development of leather industries. They have right to get profit selling raw leathers. If they get proper price, their economic condition will be going good position . As a result National income and gross domestic product (G.D.P) will be increased simultaneously. But unfortunately they have deprived of getting an accurate price after selling raw leathers for two years.

The government has announced fixed price of raw leathers despite whole sellers, members of tanneries are disobeying the instructions of fixed price of raw leathers. Tannery businessmen and whole seller of raw leathers have told lack of suitable warehouses, they could not buy or collect raw leathers from marginalized small leather businessmen. Beside that they have been falling inversion   lack of capital and money, etc. Many marginalized small raw leather collectors and businessmen have gone frustrated and thrown valuable leathers in a river or dustbin. This is really pathetic!

Expertise and Economic Scholars in Bangladesh have guessed some powerful leather business oriented syndicate do not want to see the good condition in the Bangladesh leather industry. They have contrived malevolently to turn this industry into worst position. We hope Government should be giving strict punishment who have involved artificial price trick for swindling poor marginalized leather collector small businessmen. For shunned their misdeeds Government should be buying those raw leathers exact price.

. Side by side Government and private entrepreneurs should be establishing more warehouses and modern  leather industries in future. Government should be providing easy loan facilities for real active entrepreneurs in poultry , cattle and leather industrial sectors. As a result Bangladeshi poultry , cattle and leather industries will be reached, their goals in the future simultaneously  .Thus way national income  ,gross domestic product and foreign currency condition and economic development  of Bangladesh will be reached expected position.


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